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FYI Kids learn the basics of creating and performing a real song.  Throughout the 8 week program, students will rehearse, record, and perform their own concert for their parents showing off their newly discovered talents.

Take a listen to one of our FYI Kids, 9 year old Samatha, singing Taylor Swift's Love Story. 



FYI Kids learn the fundamentals of teamwork, including correct practice and conditioning techniques. FYI Kids stay active while having fun and learning social and physical skills. It's great exercise for your kids, and it’s fun!



Braille, what's that?  FYI Kids will play sleuth and discover the alphabet in braille, master the art of code-writing, and create your own name in braille.  They also learn how to approach and interact with the blind and visually-impaired. 

Would you like to see what it would look like using a braille Perkins machine—think a keyboard is neat? Wait 'til you see this one!


8 Week Music Program

Our music program consists of comprehensive development classes that nurture and develop confidence, self-esteem, and stage presence through a variety of fun music-based activities. The students of FYI Kids will be encouraged and challenged to bring their musical talent to the forefront.

Week 1: Hi My Name Is...

Our good folks at FYI TV, will make an special appearance and interview each child with basic interview questions.

Week 2: Song Basics

Well, we couldn't really call ourselves music instructors if we didn’t breakdown the structure of a song. By the end of this week, our students will be able to clearly identify key parts to a song.

Week 3: Hitlist

A good song is a good song no matter who sings it.  A HIT however, has everything to do with who sings it, how they sing it, and how they perform it.  FYI Kids are out to make a their own HIT version of a popular song.

Week 4: Longevity

Most people outside of the music industry think being an artist is easy-peasy! That couldn’t be further from the truth. In order to maintain a long and healthy career as a music performer, one must develop good habits.

Week 5: Stage Presence

Underrated - but probably the most important attribute to being a successful performer - is stage presence.  Our good folks at FYI TV make a return visit.

Week 6: Song Production

With any performance, production is very important.  It’s one thing to hear a song on the radio, but it’s an entirely different experience to see that same song performed live.

Week 7: Record Mode

It’s now time to take everything that we’ve learned in the previous weeks and record our HIT SONG!

Week 8: Introducing...

So here it is! Seven weeks of hard work all rolled into an entertaining showcase of talent.




FYI Kids Realworld Experience

3 Day Workshop on Sound Effects & The History of CBC

This lab will help students understand and appreciate the importance of sound in media and dramatic productions. The program will motivate critical thinking, as students will be engaged in memorable Literacy, Science and Drama experiences, including:


Day 1 – In Class (pre-visit): Fun & Interactive sessions on Sound Effects
Day 2 - Trip to the CBC Museum: Scavenger Hunt & Sound Effects Room 
Day 3 – In Class (post-visit): Review


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